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Posts I Like

Reasons we love the US Open: #9 Championship Cuisine – An international selection mixes with classic NYC fare, from fine dining to the food courts.

Fans, what’s your favorite thing to eat at the Open?

Reasons we love the US Open: #8 Celebrity Sightings – the stars come out to watch the stars, with iconic athletes, actors, and musicians in attendance, celebrating tennis like any other fan.

Fans, what’s your all-time best celebrity sighting at the Open? How about superstar musician Beyoncé?

Reasons we love the US Open: #7 Home of the Final-Set Tie-Break – unique to Queens, drama in sports gets no bigger than a race to 7 points with everything on the line.

Fans, which aspect of the Open do you think makes it the most unique from the other Slams?

Reasons we love the US Open: #6 Up Close at the Practice Courts – Fans getting a glimpse – and oftentimes an autograph – of their tennis heroes.

Fans, which player’s autograph would you want the most? How about fan-favorite Novak Djokovic?